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Ramona is the stereotypical Latina rude, rich, beautiful and air-headed popular girl who is Gabriella's rival.She is voiced by Alanna Ubach.

Appearance Edit

Ramona has reddish brown colored hair,blue headband,and white earrings.She wears a school uniform which includes: a blue plaid skirt,a black sweater, white blouse with a black tie, white socks and Red Mary-Jane shoes.

During the sock hop party, she wore a white shirt with a blue chiffon scarf. She also wears a light blue poodle skirt, white socks and saddle shoes. Attached to her ears are blue pearl earrings and she has a blue bracelet around her arm. She is wearing a ponytail with a blue scrunchie.

When practicing gymnastics, Ramona wears a blue gymnastics leotard, a white headband, white leggings, a blue wristband on her left arm, and black gymnastics shoes.


Ramona is bossy, mean and can not stand not getting her way, as shown when she cried after Gabi took her place as captain of the gymnastics competition. Ramona is a stereotypical Latina popular girl, having money, style, and talent. Her parents are afraid of her because of her cruel behaivor.