Fashion girl
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Phoebe is a snobby and very mean girl who compete in beauty pageants against Muglita.Phoebe and the other girls express fear and disgust of Muglita and her things.

Personality Edit

Phoebe is a pesky little girl who will stop at nothing to get everyone's attention. She is very cocky and snobbish, and likes to brag about her accomplishments and gifted abilities. She will not hesitate to resort to in order to get what she wants. She also uses intimidation and looks at others from up-high to keep anyone from challenging her. Phoebe is an overall competitive and mean girly girl pageant winner that wants to be perfect in every way in the eyes of adults.

Appearance Edit

at preschool, Phoebe has light blonde hair tied with blue bows into two curly pigtails. She wears a long baby blue dress under which she has a sweater of a darker shade. She also wears blue sneakers.later, Phoebe gets a drastic makeover. Her hair is now of a darker color, somewhere closer to being natural brown. She had a pink headband. She now wears the school uniform, which composes of a plaid blue skirt, a plain white shirt, a black sweater, knee-high socks and black shoes. Phoebe also wears white earrings.