Mundo De Los Espiritus is a location where the souls of living creatures go after they die. Living people can enter the Land of the Dead by opening a portal with a scythe, which pulls people's skins and muscle off,leaving only the bones and taking by a skeletal hand.


The land is filled with baby skeletons, dead birds, and ghost chihuahua puppies.


A great, downwards escalator leads to the entrance, which is guarded by the Gate Guardian.

The River of BloodEdit

This river flows throughout the land, and whoever drinks of the river instantly gets to sing or dance. This happens to Conchita. Also, the river goes into Conchita's house. The River of blood is a reference to the Styx, a river in Greek mythology that sent a dead soul to the underworld.

Conchita's houseEdit

Conchita's house is just beyond the River of Blood, and is decorated with tombstones.

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  • Wendy and her pet poodle all used to live in the Underworld.