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Mia Camilla Martinez is one of the main characters from Hombre Muerto. She is voiced by Genesis Ochoa.

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Mia has shoulder-length dark brown hair that curls up at the ends and bangs with a small gap in the center. Her skin is pale and her eyes were brown, but her eyes were blue in the pilot episode.she wears a white shirt, V-necked black sweater with a matching red skirt and hairclip. She wears knee-length socks with black mary janes.


Mia is a smart, meek and normal 12 year old girl with a ability to see ghosts and interested in death. She’s also the newest mortician! Making the team is a dream come true for Mia, and although she can hang with the boys,but they won't let her play because she is a girl.She is a girly-girl who loves to do the impossible.