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Marina is Manny's love interest in Bebe Muerto.She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Personality Edit

She is Manny's friend and love interest. However, he has a not-so-secret crush on her. Marina is a cheerleader who also is very smart, entering beauty pageants and winning. She is also a straight-A student, Marina is sugary-sweet and hates the color pink.

Appearance Edit

Marina has pale white skin and black hair.Her main outfit features a black shirt, striped stockings and black boots.


Marina wears different outfits in most of her episode appearances. Her style seems to be punk rock, or goth with colors normally red, black, grey, and other dull colors. For example, in "Ring Around the Marina," she wears a dark violet strapless dress with a dull pink sash, lilac-purple stockings with dark purple stripes and pink heels.



Marina is best friends with the shy girl Gabriella.

Manny JordonEdit

Manny Jordon is Marina's teammate and friend, who she secretly has romantic feelings for.

Jorge RodriguezEdit

Jorge Rodriguez is one of Marina's teammates and friends.




  • Marina dances Ballet in My Fair Gabi and Stage Fright. This is perhaps a reference to her gracefulness which has often been linked to that of a ballerina.