Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date November,29,2014
Written by Jorge R. Gutierrez
Directed by Unknown
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Mamacita is the 7th episode of Bebe De Muertos.

Plot Edit

When it's marigold-prevention day at school, Suzie parades in her float in anticipation for the elegant ballet club called niñas de la bailarina , and she insults Bebe, telling her she needs a escort. To prove her otherwise, and with Principal Lisa's encouragement, Bebe considers entering the club. Naturally, The Muerte Gang cannot believe Bebe when she tells them about the idea, but finally they decide to help her.Carlos learns how to dance and sing with the help of Jorge.At the club, Bebe has a real chance at joining the club, but she still refuses to sing during her heart-warming lullaby.Carlos and Bebe sing a lullaby to impress the judges while Suzie tries to sabotage Bebe's audition but fails and kicked out of the club.

Trivia Edit

  • it is revealed that Jorge sings a lullaby just like Bebe's mother sings to her when Bebe was a baby.

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Bebe's new look