She's a Skeleton

Gabi had been killed by one of the rogue demon plants. After finding her bones and strangely enough, Gabi herself on Manny's bed, Tails deduces that she became a ghost and Manny resolves to resurrect her before Marina beat the heck out of him.

Weekend at Gabi's/Nightmarish Fever

After failing a test, Lenny is forced to get tutored by Gabi, whom he really dislikes./Manny is getting sick of living with a ghost girl, so he pretends to fake his death.

The Chain Letter/Mostly Ghostly Baby

Manny is worried that he has a chain letter so he tries to make it better with supernatural results./Lenny becomes a ghost while Bebe was a human after Suzie accidentally pranks Bebe and Lenny with ectoplasm.

Macabre Homework/Medal of Everlasting Life

Manny helps Lenny do his homework/Melanie gives Gabi a eternal life because she doesn't fit in with the other kids.

The Possession/Ghost Slumber Party

Manny must raise money for charity by possess people./girls are invited to Suzie's slumber party.

Ring Around the Marina

Marina is upset that her life is empty because she is enter the beauty pageant, due to her goth nature.

My Fair Gabi/Adventures in Ghostsitting

When Gabi is invited to a fancy gala she admits that she do know how to behave in polite society. Marina teaches her to be a lady./Tails babysits Gabi.

Ghost for a Day

Gabriella must learn about life of a human. Meanwhile,Manny gets to be an ghost.

Mommy Fearless / The Ghostning

When Manny's mom, discovers crow's feet on her face, she panics and does not want to leave the bathroom./When the gang notice things have been possessed in the house.