Rico: Hahahaha! Here I go!
Pancho: Yeah!
Rico: [Sliding down skeleton] Whoo-hoo!!
[Muglita hits the ground, and Rico, Pancho, and many bones are propelled into the air. Phoebe watches them discreetly.]
Phoebe: Hmm...
[Muglita,Rico and Pancho land.]
Rico: Awesome! [He,Muglita and Pancho laugh. Suddenly, laughing is heard.] Someone needs our help!
[Rico and Pancho runs to the source of the laughing. Muglita spits out a snake bone and blood and follows. They find Phoebe laughing at an girl.]
Phoebe: [Furious] What part of enter a beauty pageant you don't understand?
Girl: Oh, come on!
Rico: [Whispering to Pancho] Dude! It's Phoebe!
[Pancho screams and cowers in fear.]
Girl: Can't you find the compassion to release this poor child body?
Phoebe: "Beauty Pageant" means, "you're not pretty!"
Rico: [Whispering to Pancho] You are petrified of mean girls?
[a snake crawls into Pancho's ear.]
Pancho: [Prevaricating] No... I'm not...
Muglita: [Running from behind bushes] Hey! Cut that out!
Phoebe: Oh! If it isn't my favorite little ghostly friend Muglita de La Rosa!
Muglita: Stop making this child cry!
Phoebe: I can make her do whatever I want.
Pancho: What're you doing, Mulgita?
Phoebe: Hey, Pancho.... BLEH!! [She makes a horrific face.]
Pancho: EEH! [Grabs onto Rico and Muglita]
Muglita: I couldn't watch that girl suffer, Pancho. i enter beauty pageants and wins ever since i was alive.
Phoebe: [Laughs] [Mocking Muglita] "Oh, ever since i was alive." [Cackles]
Pancho: Rrrr... HEY!
Phoebe: Yes, Pancho? [Transforms into a demonic creature] What would you like to talk about?!
Pancho: AAAH! [Runs to Rico's side] I wanna help you outta this, man, but... she scares the soul out of my body. Let's just leave.
Muglita: I can't. i challenge Phoebe to a beauty pageant![Scene transition; Muglita combs her hair with a hairbrush in Rico's room.] she's right, i'll never be like her.[Rico opens the door and hisses like a cat]
Rico: let me guess you're going to a beauty pageant to embrace your girly side.
Muglita: No way, Rico! I'm not going to a beauty pageant if they make fun of me!
Rico: don't worry Muglita we got a pageant to win.
[Pancho opens the door.]
Pancho: did someone say pageant.[scene transition;the gang gives Muglita a makeover.]
Rico: you look great.
Pancho:like a fashionita girl.[Muglita has changed into a pageant girl.]
Rico:so how do you feel,Muggy.
Muglita: i feel like like
Phoebe:knock knock losers.
Tony:hey dorks are you having a ugly pageant,[jaw drops] who's the new girl.
Muglita: hey Phoebe what's up.
Rico:did you see Phoebe's face,you're shot at winning.
Muglita: yeah,totally.[Scene transition; they eating their breakfast in the kitchen.] how about we play my favorite game(singsong) Spa Day.
Rico: Spa Day how the heck do you play that!
[The three arrive at a graveyard.]
Muglita: I know this place seems a little dead, but don't worry. It'll soon be undead. [Rico whimpers.] [The scene shifts to the backstage where female contestants preparing for a beauty pageant backstage, combing their hair, fitting their dresses and wearing lipstick.]
Phoebe: Putting makeup on you is like protecting me from your hideous boots.
Muglita: Best Friends Forever
Tony: ladies,are you ready to win this year's Little miss Fruite Cutie.
Phoebe: Tony you're better make me win or else!
Tony: Oh, I forgot! Muglita winning beauty pageants since she was alive.
[Phoebe pushes Tony.]
Rico:Okay... So, Phoebe makes things seem bad, a-and then... or-or her personality makes them seem bad, or... [Sighs] I'm over-reacting.
Pancho: Hey, Pageant girl!
Muglita: Hey, Pancho!
Pancho: You like cute things, right?
Muglita: Uh, yeah, sure. Why?
Pancho: Then you might love this. The cutest dimple plant ever!
Muglita: Whoa-ho-ho! That's cool!
Pancho: Here, eat some of its fruit. See what happens.
Muglita: [She does so. Muglita gains a dimple.] Hahaha! A dimple!
Tony: (over the loudspeaker) okay girls it's showtime.
[Scene shifts to the beauty pageant outside]
Muglita: ahem that's Muglita [everyone cheers.]