• Lenny: Well, Leonard, ol' boy, all that's left is to go win that dancing trophy and give it a home. After all, nobody ever worked harder to get it than you. [flashback to him dancing with some other kids] All those years of training with the masters. Your tireless effort to keep your instrument supple. [flashback to him getting his legs twisted and stretched] Not to mention your weekly thigh waxing. [pulls some hair off his leg as a scream is heard] And now, it's time to go get it. So, let's do it. Whoo...! [runs out of his house and into a bar of bone]
  • Carlos: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Want to give me a ruling, Bebe?
  • Bebe: Triste, Lenny, you got to go lower to win.
  • Lenny: What? What are you two doing?
  • Bebe: We're limbo dancing to get ready for the dance-a-thon auditions.
  • Carlos: We're gonna win the trophy.
  • Lenny: Ha. The two of you?[cut to the tryouts where Lenny sits down on the bench]