Pancho:(grabs something from Rico's ear and eats a maggot) ooh crunchy.

Rico:whoever said humans,ghosts and zombies live together was a idiot.

Pancho: I'll say. Zombies don't even eat brains or flesh for that matter. (dances happily) They hide our best feature.

Rico: Pancho, could you be any more uncivilized? (while Pancho spills juice on him with a straw) Thank goodness I'm not a skeleton.[sugar skulls transition to the school]

Principal Henry:Attention, students, attention. Today is Bebe Muerto Day, so come on down to Nurse Darlene's office for your funeral, and don't worry. If you can't find us, we'll find you!

Emo Kid:Eek!

Principal Henry:Lock and load, Nurse Darlene.

Pancho:(crying)I don't want a funeral I don't, I don't, I don't, i don't, I don't.

Rico:Pancho, haven't you ever going to a cemetery before?

Pancho:Sure, but I always freak out .. Snake!

Rico:Hey,Pancho, don't be so afraid. Yow, Ay Chihuahua!

Pancho:That really looks painful, Rico.

Rico:Well, at least that's over with,Mom, should I be worried that I got bitten by a snake.

Darlene:worried, don't worry you'll be fine.

Rico:I think I'm having some kind of allergic reaction to that snake,i'm itching like crazy and Pancho give me a mirror.

Pancho:will this stop your itching? Rico are you ok

Rico:(pointing at Pancho and Ella) Wait a second. How you guys have skin? (gasps) And why am i corpse like? (takes a pink mirror from a nearby box) AHHHHHHH!!! I'M AN SPOOKY, CORPSELIKE SKELETON!!!

Ella:I think my brother's turning skeleton!

Principal Henry:emergency faculty meeting. Ok, people. Here's the situation. We just kill a boy with a snake, and apparently, he's transformed into a skeleton. If anyone finds out that we've turned a human child into an skeleton, we'll likely lose our government funding.

Darlene:Well, we could use the antidote on him. Cut to Fresh Valley Cemetery where eerie moaning and hooting are happening]

Rico:Huh?Gasps as a bunch of bats are flying over him. Then a black cat growls at him] Ahh! Hold yourself together, Rico. It's just a boneyard... filled with bones. [gate squeaks open] Ah! [hides behind a tombstone on a hill] What's that? It's my dad. What's he doing here? [Sees Harold crying as he walks up to a tombstone, puts flowers on it, then leaves. Rico walks up to the tombstone Harold was looking at and reads it] "Here lies Grandma Lucy." What a baby. Where was I? Oh yeah. Gotta find Muglita.[Rico and Muglita bump into each other]


Rico:Hey?[Rico and Muglita screaming and running away from each other]

Pancho:now where is that girl[they sees the tombstone and it shows her real name, Muglita de la Rosa] The grave! Am I really going to take care of a girl? Of course I am! [digs and hits something] Jackpot! [opens up the coffin] Ooh. It's beautiful. what the heck. [takes head off with the pageant crown on] Hey, come on, Muglita, let go! [takes her head off] Rest in peace, Muglita. [jumps out of the hole] I got the pageant crown. [lightning and thunder booms. Pancho screams and telling Ella] Ella there's a corpse who is wearing a pageant crown.

Ella:will you relax, that's Muglita's pageant crown, wait a minute when Muglita dies of depression and her soul left her body.

Rico:No way. Just crawl back into your grave, ghostly little baby. Go ahead, play dead[Muglita cooing and follows Rico in the cemetery]

Coach Glenn:Hard target at 12 o'clock, nurse.

Rico:what happend?

Muglita:You turning into a skeleton and your mom got you back to normal.