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Beatrice Kyle, known as Satan's little girl by her neighbors, is the big sister of Ramon and Kayla's rival and the secondary antagonist in Bebe De Muertos.


Beatrice is a very mean, sadistic, bratty and ridiculously spoiled older sister of Ramon.Beatrice shares a friendship/rivalry with Kayla Moore, who's better-liked by the students.However, Kayla usually tries to be nice to Beatrice, and despite their rivalry, Kayla's shown to be essentially the closest thing Beatrice's ever had to an actual friend. Beatrice also thinks she's a very talented person, even though she's really not all that talented and is actually very irritating, especially her singing, which always comes out horrible, and becomes extremely jealous when Kayla sings taking away all the attention she wants.


Beatrice has blonde hair, that she wears a bright pink headband and earrings.Her staple clothes consists of a small pink jacket, that she buttons once. Inside, she wears a white shirt and a flared red violet skirt. Her shoes are red with socks.


  • In "The New House(pilot episode)", it is revealed that Beatrice is not good at acting.
  • Her personality is very similar to Pacifica's from Gravity Falls, being a bully to someone else and is the leader of a group of other kids.
  • Her catchphrase is dulce de la estancia.
  • Lalavava (Dexter's Lab, both are bossy and rude and they hate their brothers. (Beatrice hates Ramon and Lalavava hates Mandark)
  • Suzi (Camp Lakebottom, both are bossy, rude and pageant girls)
  • Amy (Total Drama Pahkitew Island, both are bossy and rude and they both push around slaves. (Beatrice pushes around Juanita and Amy pushes around Samey)