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Alejandro Juan Sanchez is the main character of Hombre Muerto. He is voiced by Hector Jimenez in the pilot, and Diego Luna in the series.

Biography Edit

Alejandro Juan Sanchez was a self-centered and talented gymnast with a handsome and muscular fabio-esque body who tried to win competions, however when choosing the right bounty hunter to kill demons he happened to pick his disguised arch enemy Ramses, who then grant him eternal life,The other girl he interviewed, Mia Camilla Martinez, saves his soul by praying and giving him a cross necklace to make him live forever.


Before his DeathEdit

He was a man with big muscles, strong arms and a great chin. He had black hair with a ponytail. He wore a white shirt, dark blue pants with a belt bearing the logo of the demon skull and in the neck had a large gold necklace.

After his DeathEdit

He was a calaca skeleton with black hair,white shirt with a black tie,black sweater,purple pants,grey sneakers,skull belt buckle and red cross necklace.


Alejandro was a talented gymnast, until Mia is hired. But he's not bitter! No way. Sure, he's got a big ego and he sometimes he pulls a prank or two on Mia and her friends, but it's not like he's threatened by her or anything! Okay, he totally is. Alejandro likes to play by his own rules, but deep down his heart is in the right place.